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[:en]Having taken a break from CS2D, I’m finally doing some things for the Web. And what better to practice your web development skills on if not an online education platform?

WebTutor is an experiment I’m going to conduct in my school. I’m planning to build up an online education system in cooperation with some of the school’s teachers (namely the physics and biology teachers). It is written in PHP/JS as with any web app, and it is written by me from scratch. The initial carcass is ready, and I’ll add more feature as per the requests and suggestions of both the teachers and the students.

We’ve also recruited a number of students as beta testers. To my surprise, this first group turned out to be fairly large – around 70% of that year’s students agreed to participate. At first, they will only have access to the testing module, as the actual learning modules are still in development – more so because we’re still building up the material rather than for lack of a software base.

I’ll be posting updates regarding this experiment, as this is a new experience for me, and an even more novel and alien one for the teachers.[:]

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