Team Fortress 2 Mod for CS2D

Team Fortress 2 is Valve’s remake of a classic first-person shooter from the era of Counter-Strike (made with the same engine, in fact), famous for its graphical style and engaging gameplay. Considering its history, CS2D is the ideal base for a TF2 mod. However, there hasn’t been one made yet. Until now.

The new Team Fortress 2 mod for CS2D includes almost all features from TF2 – among them crafting, achievements and unlockable weapons. There are still plenty of bugs and things to implement, which means plenty of work for me, but I’ll keep it updated to the best of my ability. You can find out more about this mod here, and if you want something closer to the Team Fortress 2 experience graphically, you should try TF2D by the very talented mat5b.

Team Fortress 2D

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