Custom Weapons

So I had this nice idea a while ago about making a custom weapons script, but at the time I lacked the skill and the knowledge. Now I took on that project again, and it turned out to be pretty nice actually. Right now I’m working on visual effects and the ammunition system – it’s going to be displayed with real number sprites from CS2D. Quite cool, quite cool indeed. The progress so far can be seen here.

Freelancer 2D in development

Developing just the TF2 mod is pretty boring, so I decided to make a couple of new ones. First one in the series – Freelancer 2D.

There is such a great game called Freelancer, developed by Digital Anvil and published by Microsoft. So I thought – why not make it in 2 dimensions? Well, I started to work on it. Fully editable trading, factions, bases are already done. Missions and other stuff are coming soon. Just have patience – the mod will be awesome, I guarantee you!