Space RPG: Version 3

Space RPG has evolved a lot since its last release, but it has done so fairly quietly. However, with the advent of TAB’s server opening, it’s had its second wind. Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran, you might be wondering what’s in store – and justly so. This post will explain what the new features are like and how the old ones have been reworked.

This update is easily the biggest one yet. The code has been almost completely rewritten to be more optimised and robust, and the existing features have been improved and added to.

The flying is probably the least different part compared to version 2. Still, ships now fly at slightly different speeds depending on their mass and the engine they have installed. Ships also rotate at different rates – weapons are only fired forwards, so an agile ship can easily take down a slower one by staying in its dead zone.

This version makes the game universe much more lively and dynamic. First of all, there are NPCs flying around the quadrant. They belong to different factions and will behave accordingly, both towards players and other NPCs – a police patrol will attack a pirate ship, and pirate ships will try to raid corporate convoys. NPCs have a life of their own that is only dependent on players if the players decide it to be.


The economy is another upgraded feature contributing to the dynamic universe. It is now based on a supply-demand market system, with some stations producing certain goods and other stations consuming them. Commodity stock is influenced by the NPC and player traders moving goods, as well as by random events happening in the universe – for example, pirate raids or critical accidents.

Players can also rise in rank and make money by completing missions. Missions are given out by certain factions at different stations, and the mission objectives range from hauling cargo to destroying ships. Completing missions awards reputation and money; failing or abandoning them results in losses of both.


Another way to make credits is mining for raw materials. Certain asteroid fields will yield ore when mined with special equipment. The ore can then be sold at mining stations for a profit. Better mining equipment results in higher yields.


Players can do all of this in different ships, each having different equipment slots and stats. Ships can be further customised through combining different equipment – there is a number of engines, shields and reactors available for sale, as well as an array of different weaponry. Laser and particle weapons of different types have different effects on shields and hull, allowing players to experiment with different combinations of them to achieve greater damage potential.

All of these features go even deeper, and more are planned for future updates. Stay tuned for more posts.

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