Space RPG: Update 0.2b

This post brings news about the recent update to Space RPG. Thanks to the efforts of beta testers, most game-breaking bugs have been fixed, and development has gone into a content-adding phase. Read more for a detailed description of the changes introduced in update 0.2b, the first minor version change.

First of all, this update brings some balancing to the mod according to your feedback. The damage schemes for weapons have been altered slightly, with cannons now doing more damage and emitters slightly less. The reason for this change is that earlier, there was basically no point in using particle cannons – emitters did enough damage as they were. You can still get by with just emitters, but the more advanced your foes, the more you might see yourself gravitating towards particle cannons.

Additionally, a feature that was unused until now has got an implementation – there are now different types of weapons. There are still the old emitters and particle cannons, but four more weapon families have been added. The old emitters (Ray Emitter Mk I-III) are argon ion emitters, and may be renamed accordingly later, and the particle cannons (Pulse Cannon Mk I-III) are plasma cannons. They have more or less balanced damage multipliers, with plasma cannons doing the same damage to shields and hull, and argon ion lasers doing more damage to shields. Fusion emitters (Superheated Beam Emitter Mk I-III) are good against armour, being more or less opposite to argon ion emitters. Metal vapour lasers (CVL Emitter Mk I-III) are shield busters, doing very little damage to armour.


The two other families of particle cannons are neutron cannons (Neutron Cannon Mk I-III), which are good against shields, and positron cannons (Positron Cannon Mk I-III), which are particularly effective against armour. All of the new emitters and cannons have different colours and new sounds.

The update also brings changes to the economy. A lot more equipment is now sold on stations around the universe, with more reactors and shields available for sale at different places in the quadrant. Also, selling some commodities, like shield batteries, is now less profitable. Consumables like shield batteries and nanobots have fixed prices around the universe now, and the demand multipliers have been reduced. Payouts for large haul missions has been reduced from approx. 20,000 a run to 8,000.

A couple more hauling missions have been added and the old missions have been revised somewhat, to make hauling easier for beginner players. Hauling commodities to bases off tradelane routes now pays more, compensating players for the time and fuel spent travelling.

Some back-end changes have also been introduced to make administrating the server easier for the staff, and the overall stability has been increased. Thanks to Cheetoz (Edison Trent), _O\/ERLORD_, Mephisto_ and other beta testers for their tireless efforts.

Please leave your feedback on this update in the comments below or in the official thread on the TAB forums.

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  1. Have You given Up on this Project, Will their be anymore, I have been addicted to Space Rpg, I heard it got pulled off google play, And I had hoped you hadn’t given up. It is One of my favorite things to play on Mobile, and I just really need some more, Becuase there is no other games like it, And I need more, More.

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