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The nice people ultimate arsehole in charge of The Anal Bagels has volunteered to host a server running my Space RPG mod. Happy days! This post will explain what this means and what it will be like, as well as outline the plans for the mod.

So, TAB has expressed interest in hosting the Space RPG mod on its hardware. What does this mean for the mod?

First of all, the mod in question is not the version published on Unreal Software. Since the release of that version, there has been a lot of progress made, and the mod as it will appear on the TAB server is very different. The exact changes that have been made (and will be made) will be outlined in future posts in detail, but I can tell you right now that the hosted version will feature a much deeper universe with dynamic economy, NPCs, closer player cooperation and much more.

This also means that the server will not go public tomorrow. I’m taking my time to make it as balanced and bug-free as I possibly can. I will be slowly increasing its publicity however, with semi-closed and open beta tests planned for milestones.

So where does TAB come in here? At this point, TAB is only in the name and the server description as an advertisement. In the future, my partnership with TAB might also mean some premium-only content, however I will try my best not to lock any content from players completely – only more advanced options of features available for all. Premium ships and weapons are a definite possibility as well, but they will be appropriately balanced for players to have some chance of beating a premium opponent.

These are the three main points I wanted to raise. I will be writing more on the mod, showcasing its progress and asking for feedback. That’s all for now, stay tuned.

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