Space RPG: Introduction

Space RPG has evolved a lot since its last release, but it has done so fairly quietly. However, with the advent of TAB’s server opening, it’s had its second wind. Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran, you might be wondering what’s in store – and justly so. This post will explain how to get started with the new version.

Welcome to the Frontier. An aspiring adventurer, you have come to this quadrant from the Core Worlds with nigh nothing – all you have is a basic ship and 1000 credits to your name. To the corporations and law enforcement, you’re just another civilian pilot. To the pirates, you’re another small nuisance. What comes next is what you make of your situation.

Getting started

You arrived to the Frontier at Hestia Starbase, a Biolith station unofficially serving as the entry point to the quadrant. The first place you should probably go to is the station bar – you’re sure to find both like-minded adventurers and pilots simply wishing to help you out. You would do well to listen to what they have to say – many of them are much more experienced than you are. The bulletin board is the second place you should go to. Companies always need help running small errands, so consider accepting a few missions to start making a name for yourself.

Every base in the Frontier has a trading console. This is another very important zone in a station – it is here you repair and refuel, trade commodities and buy equipment and ships. It’s a good idea to check out what commodities a base sells and buys – a commodity’s stock and price are indicated in the trading console interface. Trading is a lucrative career, one that requires sharpness of mind – and a fair deal of luck.

You are not alone in this quadrant. It is bustling with life – corporate transports, police patrols, pirate raiders are all around you. It is for you to decide who to be friends with, and who to fight until the bitter end.

Now that you know all of this, you’re ready to venture out into the unknown. Good luck, pilot.


To move your ship, use W, A, S and D, with the mouse responsible for the ship’s rotation. Left mouse button fires your ship’s weapons. E interacts with objects and zones – tradelanes, jumpgates, trading consoles and bar zones. F2 opens your ship’s console. G selects a target. F3 scans your current target. F uses the item assigned to your quick use slot.

Your ship’s stats are located in the bottom left hand corner, along with your character’s money. The interface is not final.

Please remember that the in-game chat is ranged – only those near you will hear what you’re saying!


Please leave feedback and report any unexpected or otherwise strange behaviour in the comments, or contact me directly. You may also leave feedback in the comments thread on the TAB forums. I welcome any and all feedback.

If you have any questions that are not covered in this guide, leave a comment or ask any of the staff members online on the server.

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