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You may have encountered this strange occurrence when reading Russian literature or hearing speech: people say выпить чаю, поесть супа or налить квасу. You may think that’s wrong, since these verbs should govern the accusative, and these are… genitive and dative? After all, it’s пить чай, not пить чаю!

This phenomenon is called partitive genitive – партитив. It is similar to the English quantifier ‘some’ – it is used when an action is performed on only a certain amount of the object. The partitive genitive can only be used when talking about foods and liquids, and it can only be used with perfective verbs, with the exception of imperfective verbs of wishing (хотеть, желать, требовать etc.):

Налей-ка мне супа, а?
Pour me some soup, would you?

Я так хочу колы…
I really want some soda…

Мы выпили воды и отправились в путь.
We drank some water and set off.


Мы пили воду из ручья.
We were drinking water from the creek.

Some masculine words may also have irregular genitive forms. These forms match the dative in endings and can only be used in a partitive sense. Some of the most common irregular forms are чаю, квасу, сахару. Irregular forms are also often used for diminutives of terms for food and drink (чай – чаёк – выпить чайку, кофе – кофеёк – выпить кофейку etc.):

Дуняша, предложите музыкантам чаю…
Dunyasha, offer the musicians some tea…
(The Cherry Orchard, Anton Chekhov, 1903)

Пойду на рынок, куплю сахару.
I’ll go to the market and buy some sugar.

Возьми-ка кофейку холодненького…
Help yourself to some cold coffee…
(The Brothers Karamazov, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, 1880)

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