New Year 2015: Twenty Years Ago

Well, another year has come to an end, and 2015 is almost upon us (only some 45 minutes for me). Still, despite being almost halfway through the decade, many of us, including yours truly, still refer to the 1990’s as ‘ten years ago’. Admit it, you do. So, to celebrate the advent of the mid-decade point annd to make you and myself feel ancient, here’s a list of some of the major events that happened in 1994 – twenty years ago. Continue reading New Year 2015: Twenty Years Ago

Cosmic Frontiers On Hiatus

This update is mostly maintenance and bug fixes; the networking code has been further improved, and the game is generally more stable. The Android version has also been worked on – the mobile client is now capable of basic integration with the server, and it is treated as simply another player for seamless cross-platform gameplay.

However, this update brings different news. As much as it displeases me to say this, I am delaying the development of Cosmic Frontiers indefinitely due to a number of reasons and concentrating on other projects, such as WebTutor and other private work. Working on the game was a wonderful experience, and I fully intend to return to it – at a later date, perhaps adapting existing code to a different engine and language altogether.

Until that date, Cosmic Frontiers development is frozen.

Christmas Livestream

So I don’t have much to do this Christmas Eve, which is why I’ll be doing a livestream! I honestly don’t know what games I’ll be playing, so I’m taking suggestions, and I’ll still be taking them during the stream – if you find it starts being particularly boring you can always suggest a game that you’d like to see played. The stream will be happening on my Twitch channel. See you this evening!