More Pilots Wish to See Frontier, Polls Say

[:en]The latest polls by the Ministelex show a surprising trend – the Frontier’s growing allure among pilots is growing ever faster, having set yet another record.

Among the three hundred thousand pilots questioned by the Ministelex polling staff, 16.9% have said they already have plans to move to the Frontier, and another 23.7% have expressed a desire to relocate to the quadrant in the near future. This figure is 5% larger than last year’s poll results, but still 10% smaller than it was at the time of the initial gate opening.

Experts say that the rising appeal of the quadrant is due in part to the Ministry of Information’s work on the series of articles about it. The series, published in the Explorer feed, was one of the most read stories of the month. Some also theorise that the upcoming opening of the Omega gate has contributed to the quadrant’s popularity.

If you’re one of the pilots planning to move to the Frontier, please stay safe – current crime reports show a 4% rise in pirate attacks since the last quarter.

This has been an official message from the Ministry of Stellar Exploitation.[:]

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