Frontier’s Self-Made Millionaires: Interview

[:en]Ever since Frontier opened its gates, it has been known to be both incredibly profitable and incredibly dangerous. And ever since Frontier opened its gates, there have been brave men and women who overcame the danger, making a fortune in the process. In this issue, we’re interviewing one of these self-made millionaires. The man most of us know as Cheetoz tells us about his humble beginnings and his not-so-humble life now, and gives advice to any newcomers to the quadrant.

You’ve made quite a name for yourself in the quadrant, and in the Federation in general. How did you start?
I started much like anyone else, really – with a ship at my hands and a longing in my heart. That’s what I tell everyone, anyway. The truth is, I was out of a job and not really very good at finding another one. *Laughs* I was still behind the stick of my old second-hand Arrow, and it’s what I first used to haul cargo. It was- it’s easy for freelancers to start out now, with Biolith offering work for all, as it were, and other companies doing similar campaigns, but when I got to the Frontier, it wasn’t one big bulletin board. But I eventually got accepted as an independent contractor for small-time hauling jobs, and then the whole rigmarole began.

Why did you start working with Biolith, and not another company? Why not Core Worlds Exports, for instance?
Well, Biolith had the biggest presence in Frontier at the time, and arguably it still does. They- they were quick to build an outpost near the gate – which has evolved into Hestia, as people might know – and that secured their position. It’s only now that the other corporations are getting more traction.

And so what became of your “small-time hauling jobs”?
Well, the jobs got bigger and bigger, as they do, and eventually I started hiring freelancers of my own. I founded a company, which became an official Biolith subcontractor, and we eventually executed a merger. The freelancers ended up no worse off with a solid job in Biolith, and I became head of the logistics department.

What’s your opinion on the crime rate in the quadrant?
I mean, there’s nothing to hide here – it’s quite bad, isn’t it? And not to- with no disrespect towards the Authority, who are doing their best to fight it, but it’s not a pretty situation, and we have to make corrections for that. I suppose it has its upsides – you won’t be out of a job if you can fight well, because the police need constables on patrols and corporations need escorts for their convoys. I mean, it’s tough, but it earns a good living.

What about your personal life in the Frontier?
Oh, that always gets brought up, doesn’t it? I haven’t found “the one” yet, and- I mean, it might take a while before I find someone who won’t end up giving me an ultimatum, “me or the cargo”, as it were. *Laughs*

Any parting advice for our readers?
Well, to those outside the Frontier I have to say that it’s far from being a backwater hamlet now – I don’t know why people think that, but they still do. A lot of beginner and intermediate-level businessmen who are struggling to make ends meet are completely disregarding the Frontier as a market. To them I say, don’t make that mistake. As for the newly arrived, I say don’t be afraid to try your hand at everything – if you don’t know what you’re good at yet, you should try it all. The insurance companies are- they have very good rates, and the tax holidays are also a great incentive for you to try your hand at business.

Thank you very much for your time.

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