CS2D Released

Ooh, another update so soon? Exciting! Okay, not quite that exciting. This update brings mostly bugfixes and slight changes in the gameplay and graphics.

The fixes are largely small bugs and rendering issues. Of note for scripters, however, is that functions hooked with endround will now be executed on round restart triggered by the console command sv_restart (and, by extension, restart). A small change, but an important one – I can tell you that this bug has led to more than a couple of hours of pointless debugging due to unexpected behaviour.

The update also brings some technical changes to the Deathmatch game mode. Turrets won’t hurt their owners with friendly fire disabled (but that’s just boring) and the normally team-specific buildings – like dispensers, gate fields and teleporters – now affect all players equally. You can also only repair your own buildings now, which is a bit of a shame, but it’s easily changed with scripts.

Among the completely new features are debug output for the order of Lua script execution – useful for, well, debugging purposes – and a brand new shining hook, suicide. This hook will fire if a player tries to kill themselves with the console command kill. Personally I think this could have been put in as an argument for the die hook, but DC’s chosen way is better from a compatibility standpoint.

All in all, this isn’t or, and that’s okay – the game is fairly feature-complete as it is. Still, it brings some much-needed changes and fixes, and that’s what’s important.

The official changelog entry, as well as discussion about this update, are available on the Unreal Software forums.

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