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Enter the first update of the year. Version offers plenty of fixes, security upgrades and a very interesting feature. Can you guess what it is?

This update brings a very important security fix, removing the ability for servers to send malicious files through the server transfer list. It’s unknown exactly how many clients were affected by this bug, but to be on the safe side, change your passwords and check your computer for malware.

You might notice right away that the server list has received a slight visual overhaul. It’s now easier to tell the status of a server at a glance: full servers have their player count in red, whereas servers with at least one player have it in green, and all servers have the number of bots displayed as a yellow number next to the player count. There is also a purple letter S displayed next to the game mode setting for servers that are running Lua scripts – although, let’s be honest, what server doesn’t run Lua scripts these days?


The new version also brings some joy to scripters. Among all else, it includes a bugfix for the join hook – the hook now fires properly when bots are added to the game. This fix is especially important for public servers with bots occupying empty slots and for local testing. There are also two new Lua commands for working with objects: objectat, which gets the ID of an object on a certain tile, and closeobjects, which returns a table of objects that are a certain distance away from a given position. These are native CS2D alternatives to iterating over the object table, which means that working with objects has got a boost in performance.

And finally, the main addition to this update. An oft-requested feature that has finally made its way into the game, I present to you… A scroll-in animation for the game title in the main menu!

No, but seriously, CS2D now has tile manipulation. The new console command settile allows you to set the frame of any tile on the map. Obviously, this is limited by the map’s tileset, but it’s a great feature nonetheless. The core library has been updated accordingly, and the tile command can now return the tile properties hascustomframe and originalframe. This feature goes great with the ability of image to dynamically display tiles from the current tileset.

Have fun looking at the new features, and expect some tutorials about the new Lua commands!

The official changelog entry, as well as discussion about this update, are available on the Unreal Software forums.

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