Cosmic Frontiers Progress Update

[:en]All right, so here’s what’s been happening with Cosmic Frontiers for the last two weeks.


Nebulae are the first cosmic hazard so far. They obscure the player’s vision and will also have different effects on the player – radiation damage, decreased sensor, engine or shield efficiency. Right now the biggest problem is the drawing; I’m working on a way to make it look presentable, since right now it’s basically a coloured circle.


Bases now offer a news service. News are defined in a separate file, and have a server-defined ID. Bases in turn can now have news entry elements, which define which news the base offers to players.


The Encyclopaedia is a collection of articles on game lore, tutorials and potentially articles on other subjects. The articles are also defined in a separate file and support some rudimentary formatting similar to wiki markup. Bold, italics and underline look like they’re going to be very difficult, so I don’t think I’m going to add those in right away. The Encyclopaedia is accessible from the pause window (Escape).

And now, the good stuff.

Android version

One of the reasons why I had to change the networking architecture slightly is better integration with mobile devices. I’m planning to make an Android version of the game, and I intend to make it resemble the desktop version as closely as possible. How closely it’s going to resemble the desktop version remains to be seen. The desktop version is[:]

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