Improving CS2D’s File Transfer

CS2D is a relatively small indie game, but one that has impressive tenure—its first public version was released around 2003, developed then by a single man, and it’s maintained to this day by a small team of developers, yours truly among them. Because of this, the dev team finds itself working with true legacy code—although there was a total rewrite in mid-2008, that still means that parts of the codebase are almost 10 years old. One area that has been a point of contention for a long time now is file transfer code. Continue reading Improving CS2D’s File Transfer

Lua: Metatable OOP

Lua has long been hailed as a very flexible language that allows programmers to create features they need from it even if those features do not exist by default. One such notable feature is an object-oriented paradigm that can be implemented in Lua using metatable manipulations. By request of friends, this post will give some basic insight into how this is done. Continue reading Lua: Metatable OOP

Ruby: Extracting ACDSee Metadata

So I’ve recently taken to using the Ruby programming language for writing utility scripts, not for any practical purpose, but because the language looks interesting and I want to try it out. I feel like this utility script might be useful to someone else, so I decided to publish it. It’s a script that extracts embedded and sidecar ACDSee metadata from images – keywords in this case – and stores it in an easy-to-use hash. Continue reading Ruby: Extracting ACDSee Metadata