My name is Ilya Gavrikov, but I go by EngiN33R online. I'm a software engineer, as well as a language and linguistics enthusiast.

I live to learn and to improve myself, always enjoying taking on difficult challenges instead of comfortably coasting through the familiar.


I've worked on many diverse projects in my nearly 10 years of doing programming: web, desktop and mobile apps, gamedev, backend and devops. Thanks to these opportunities, I'm able to bring a well-rounded set of skills and unique point of view to the table, whatever the project.

Java · JS · Kotlin · Python · PHP

Spring · React · Android · GraphQL · Laravel · AI/ML

Docker · Cloud · DevOps


Human language has been a passion of mine since childhood, and aside from simple interest in languages, linguistics and etymology, I've also worked on translation and interpretation projects, including software i18n, conference talks, professional interpretation, as well as historical, technical and literary content.

English · Russian · Ukrainian · German · French

Talk to me

If you'd like to strike up a conversation, email me at me@engi.io.

If you have a business inquiry, I'd appreciate it if you messaged me at business@engi.io.

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